Hybride of Barn swallow and House Martin

On the 30th of August 2005 we caught among some Barn swallows a hybrid between a Barn swallow and a House martin in our garden in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). After ringing we set this bird free again.

While having this hybrid in our hands we noticed few feathers on its feet, no white spots on the tail feathers, the whitish rump and the washed breast band. Also the morphometric parmeters we took differed from "pure" Barn swallow.

Head of a Barn swallow (left) and of the hybrid (right)

The mass of this hybrid was 23,1 g, the 3rd primary was 91,5 mm and the wing length was 120,5 mm. It was a first year bird and we ringed it with the ring HIDDENSEE ZC35153. Only four other hybrids of this type were marked before with rings of the ringing center Hiddensee, although there is a lot of Barn swallow ringing through the EURING Barn swallow program.

Unfortunately we don't know where the caught hybrid hatched. It could come from a place far away like a retrap we made the day after the trap of the hybrid (31.08.05) showed. There we caught a first year Barn swallow with a ring of the RIKSMUSEUM STOCKHOLM in our garden. This swallow was ringed as nestling on 07.07.05 near Malmö and had to fly across the Baltic Sea.
Many thanks for the very soon answer of the ringing center Stockholm. We got the detailed ringing datas within hours :-) .

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